Costello’s Hearth & Spa is committed to selling high-quality hearth and hot tub brands.   However, we know that sometimes things happen, and service is needed.   Our team of service technicians is ready to resolve any issues that you may have as well provide annual preventative maintenance.  We can even teach you about building the perfect wood fire and how to manage your water chemistry.  Feel confident knowing that Costello’s Hearth & Spa will be here if you need us.

Our Phone Numbers

Hearth Service – North of Baltimore               410-420-7914

Hearth Service – South of Baltimore               410-969-2402

Hot Tub Service – All                                                    410-969-2402

Service Desk Hours

MON-FRI 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • All repair work itself is done at the customer’s home by factory trained service personnel.
  • We maintain a fully stocked parts department to expedite your repair and minimize downtime.

What Type of Service Do You Need?


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