Maryland Garden Center News: Are Impatiens really going away?!

New Guinea Impatiens

Are Impatiens really going away?!

Say it isn’t so!!! Unfortunately, they are. Our beloved shade tolerant annual, Impatiens Walleriana, is under a worldwide attack from a disease called Downy Mildew. Europe has seen the devastation first hand for over 8 years and this air borne disease now plagues the beds and baskets of Americans in many regions of our country.

To make things worse, there is NO CHEMICAL REMEDY now or anywhere on the horizon available to homeowners to make Impatiens Walleriana a viable bedding plant again.

How do I know if my Impatiens are affected?

The infected Impatiens will typically and initially show some yellowing and stunted growth. The first and futile response of many is to fertilize. Unfortunately, this has no effect. Our beautiful impatiens of pastels, lavenders and bold colors are not long for the garden. In weeks they will lose flowers and leaves. Their withered stalks will remain, an ugly reminder that we must consider other plant options to color our lives in the shade for years to come.

If you still want to buy impatiens, do so knowing that they’ll most likely die before midsummer. Most honest garden centers will have signs at their displays of impatiens warning you of what’s to come.

Are there other Flowers that do well in the Shade?

THE GOOD NEWS is that there ARE many beautiful options for your shade and part shade flower beds and containers. Try to think in terms of form, texture and color to add maximum interest and eye appeal. Here are some great options (annuals) for light to moderate shade…

  1. Wax begonias (deep shade also)
  2. New guinea impatiens (light shade)
  3. Torenia (up to deep shade)
  4. Coleus (so many new and beautiful colors!)
  5. Dragon and Baby Wing begonias
  6. Ferns
  7. Upright Fuchsia (great choice for pastels!) You may consider placing a hanging basket of fuchsia on an upside down clay pot to fill a large space with pastels!

Look for great perennial options.


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