Fall Decorating Tips from Ace Hardware

Fall Decorating TipsThe days are growing shorter and the weather is quickly cooling. This can only mean one thing; fall is officially here. It is time to put away those summer decorations and refresh the front of your home with a harvest theme that will carry into late November.

Fall lends itself perfectly to visually appealing decorations. Why? The colors! The wide variety of oranges, yellows, and dark reds blend together perfectly in nature, creating a color pallet that can make any home improvement project pop. Utilizing these colors and other natural elements in your decorating can help give your home the curb appeal you have always dreamed of. Passersby will barely be able to take their eyes off your front porch. Your guests will marvel at your decorative flair. And your neighbor’s will be jealous, scrambling to create their own festive fall decorations so their homes don’t fade into the background.

Fall Decorating Tips from Ace Hardware

  1. Paint with the Colors of the Season: As we have already mentioned, fall lends itself perfectly to decorating. The beautiful oranges, yellows and dark reds found in nature are the same colors you should utilize in your design.
  2. Utilize Nature: There are numerous natural elements you can incorporate into your decorating, such as pumpkins, gourds, straw, corn stalks, mums, pansies, grasses and the like, that will really out your front porch over the top.
  3. Have Fun: Fall is the perfect season for do-it-yourself projects. So hop in your car and head to your local Ace Hardware for inspiration.

Ace Hardware has Everything you need this Fall Season

At Ace Hardware, we are more than just a hardware store. We have everything you need to transform your home this fall season. Ace Hardware & Hearth (Glen Burnie and Pasadena) and Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater feature garden centers fully stocked with the garden and lawn supplies, flowers, vegetables, trees, and shrubs, grass seed, fertilizer, soil, mulch and the equipment you need to beautify your home. We also carry a wide variety of face pumpkins along with unique gourds.

If you have any questions about Fall Decorating Tips, our experts are here to help. Please visit AceHardwareAndHearth.com today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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