More Weed Control Tips: Controlling Weeds in Beds, Edges, and Cracks

Over the last several weeks, we have been discussing Weed Control, from lawn care and weed prevention to controlling annoying weeds in the yard. This week, we are going to continue talking about everyone’s least favorite perennial, weeds. More importantly, we are going to talk about those weeds that pop up in unexpected places, like the cracks in a driveway or sidewalk. Luckily, these weeds are easily controlled using the appropriate prescribed elixir (okay…chemical!)


Weed Control Tips

Weeds in Pavement Cracks

For KILLING weeds growing in pavement cracks or open areas in beds, a quick and effective treatment is a non-selective Ace_Feb25_KleenUpherbicide named Kleen-Up. The active ingredient, glyphosate, is found in higher concentrations in Bonide’s Kleen-up than other weed control products with similar formulas. Kleen-up’s trigger bottle allows you to deliver a lethal dose in a controlled dose.

Bonide’s Kleep-up can be bought as RTU (Ready To Use) small 32 oz. bottles for small spot treatment or half gallon and larger sizes with a variety of spray options but always used as spot treatments, not area treatments.

Apply a ground sterilizer such as Ground Clear from Ortho or GF Vegetation Killer from Bonide to PREVENT weeds for UP TO A YEAR. These will keep areas such as driveways, patios, fence lines, gravel paths, and curbs clear of weeds. Both products are not typically sprayed, but rather mixed with water and poured on the problem areas.

Weeds in Flower Beds and Vegetable Gardens

In beds, grassy weeds can be eliminated while not harming desirable plants, such as vegetables, flowers and shrubs, by Ace_Feb25_Chickweedusing Grass Beater from Bonide. We also recommend using mulch in vegetable gardens. Mulch helps retain soil moisture while also minimizing weeds.

One weed in particular, Chickweed, is a rascal that needs to be sprayed in early spring prior to it developing small white seed bearing flowers. Chickweed, Oxalis and Clover Killer from Bonide is the preferred brand because it kills to the root and is effective down to 45 degree temperatures while others stop working at 60 degrees.

Have any more weed control questions? Then head to the Ace nearest you!

Ace Hardware & Heath and Ace Home & Leisure: High Quality Lawn Care and Weed Control Products in Maryland

Ace knows that our Maryland homeowners love their lawns…and hate weeds! That’s why we take special care in selecting the lawn products that will perform best on Maryland lawns. Check in with the Ace lawn care specialists at Ace Hardware & Hearth in Glen Burnie and Pasadena, Maryland or Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater. We are here to answers all of your lawn care and weed control questions.

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