Fall and Winter Lawn Care Tips

Fall and Winter Lawn Care TipsJust because the weather is starting to cool down doesn’t mean your lawn care efforts should cool down as well. Lawn care is just as important in fall and winter as it is spring and summer. In fact, fall lawn care is critical to prepare your lawn for the long, harsh winter.

Fall and Winter Lawn Care Tips

  1. Fertilizer: Right now, your lawn is preparing to go dormant for the winter. However, while the grass is dormant, its roots continue to grow underground throughout the winter. This is why fertilizing is so important. It provides an extra boost of nutrients that will be stored and used during your grass’ dormancy period. You should fertilize your lawn from Labor Day through October 15 with a lawn food, such as Super Turf Builder, Ace Lawn Fertilizer, Bonide Lawn food, Milorganite or Turf Trust. Then, you should put the fall/winter feeding down until Thanksgiving.
  2. Seeding: If your lawn is looking a little thin, Fall is the Best Time for planting Grass Seed. Because of the cooler nights and long warm days, fall seeding is much more successful than spring seeding. With fall seeding, roots continue to feed new plants into January until the soil freezes give the plant more base to break forth with vigor when March rolls around.
  3. Remove Leaves:  Raking leaves is not only great for your curb appeal, but also your grass. Leaves block sunlight, which is vital in the fall when your lawn stores food for winter.

For more fall and winter lawn care tips, visit Ace Hardware & Hearth (Glen Burnie and Pasadena) or Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater. Our lawn care experts will answer any questions you may have and help you find the right products for your lawn. We have everything you need to achieve that luscious lawn you have always dreamed of. We not only carry high-quality grass seed, but also fertilizers – granule and liquid – from the most respected names in the industry, as well as the lawn care supplies and equipment you need to get the job done right.

We know just how much Maryland homeowners love their lawns! That’s why we take special care in selecting the lawn products that will perform best on Maryland lawns.

If you have any questions about Fall and Winter Lawn Care Tips, our experts are here to help. Please visit AceHardwareAndHearth.com today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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