Hot Tubs – Give the Gift of Wow!!

The holidays often send us on a frustrating quest to find the perfect gift. This year, allow us to offer a suggestion that is sure to WOW…a warm, relaxing, customized hot tub! Ace is the place for hot tubs in Maryland. We carry the amazing Bullfrog Spas hot tub – a uniquely custom gift. With over 15,000 different combinations of seats and jet packs, a Bullfrog spa is a gift that keeps giving year after year.

Benefits of Hot Tubs

We all know that sinking into warm water is relaxing. But did you know that there are clear health benefits from regular hot tub use? The combination of hot water and massage jets actually works to increase your body’s circulation. Poor circulation leads to countless ailments and fatigue, so naturally, helping your body increase circulation helps you be more energetic and healthy.

A hot tub can also help manage pain. Whether you have muscle aches, back pain or joint pain, warm water jet massage can help ease it. Hot tubs are often used in physical therapy sessions and for athletes such as football players who require speedy recovery from injury or over exertion.

Aside from the benefits that a hot tub provides for your body, it is good for the soul as well. Many people use their hot tub for family time or time alone with their significant other. Whether its conversation or closeness that you’re looking for, time spent in a relaxing hot tub is quality time.

Benefits of a Bullfrog Spas Hot Tub

Bullfrog Spas is the industry leader in customized hot tubs. Choose the number of seats you want, seating configuration and different jet packs for each seat for a totally custom fit. Not only can you personalize your hot tub experience, you’ll have the added benefit of top quality construction with your Bullfrog hot tub. Bullfrog Spas use less plumbing than other hot tubs for the highest energy efficiency. That means a lower cost to operate, so you’ll feel comfortable using your hot tub any time.

Ace is the Place for Hot Tubs in Maryland

Your local Ace Hardware stores in Glen Burnie, MD, Pasadena and Edgewater can provide all of the information you need to choose the gift of a hot tub for you or someone you love. You can also visit the Bullfog Spas website for details at

Happy Holidays from Ace!

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