CAN HOT-WATER SOAKING REDUCE SWELLING? Absolutely! Painful swelling often accompanies injury, joint pain and muscle trauma. Many new hot tub owners extol the values of their new portable hot tub’s healing benefits through reducing pressure on inflamed joints, swollen feet and legs. HOW DOES THIS WORK? When our bodies are immersed or partially submerged in hot/warm water, the warm water exerts pressure on our bodies. The increased pressure tends to reduce swelling thereby reducing pain while increasing healthy blood circulation. Our body’s weigh less in water than out of it. IS HOT WATER CIRCULATION SIMILAR TO WEARING AN ACE BANDAGE? Exactly! By applying gentle pressure to affected areas of the body, the tissues don’t swell. When swelling is minimized, pain is minimized. IS A HOT TUB DEEP ENOUGH TO PROVIDE RELIEF FROM SWELLING? Yes, many hot tubs that are not price oriented are usually deeper. A good depth of a good hot tub like ones made by Caldera and Bullfrog is around 38”. GO DEEP AND FEEL THE RELIEF!

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