What are the Benefits of Pellet Stoves?

Benefits of Pellet StovesAs we noted last week in our blog post, “The Benefits of Electric Fireplaces,” winter is right around the corner, which means high heating bills. But it doesn’t have to. Instead of cranky up that furnace and watching your money fly out the window, invest in a more energy efficient heating source, like an electric fireplace or, the topic of this week’s blog, a Pellet Stove.

What are the Benefits of Pellet Stoves?

  1. Energy Efficient: First and foremost, pellet stoves are energy efficient, helping you save money throughout the cold Maryland winter.
  2. Renewable Source of Heat: Wood pellets are made from the limbs and tops of trees and the part of the trees called pulp. These are leftover parts of the trees that lumber mills do not use.
  3. Easy to Operate: Pellet stoves could not be much easier to operate. All you have to do is load your pellet stove with fuel, typically once or twice a day, and turn it on. The stove does the rest.
  4. Easy to Clean: There is very little ash buildup and thus very little cleaning needed.
  5. Smoke Free: Pellet stoves don’t produce smoke. Period.
  6. Heat Safe: Pellet stoves do not produce external heat while operating, meaning you can place them close to walls and other items without having to worry about fire hazards.

Pellet Stoves from Ace

If you are looking for a clean-burning, energy efficient way to heat any room in your home, consider having a pellet stove installed by Ace. Pellet stoves come in a wide range of styles from ultra-contemporary to turn-back-time classic.

Fuel your pellet stove with hearth fuel from Ace.

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