New Clean Burning Wood Stoves and Inserts in Maryland

Wood StovesWinter is officially here. And despite what the recent heat wave suggests, we can guarantee that your heating needs will soon skyrocket. It won’t be 60 degrees all winter long. We promise. And heating doesn’t come cheap. In fact, heating accounts for 34% of the average home’s yearly utility usage. Whoa! That’s a lot for just a few short months of heating. There has to be a more energy efficient way to heat your home, right? Well, you’re in luck.

New Clean Burning Wood Stoves and Inserts

Wood burning stoves provide an inexpensive, energy efficient heating alternative to costly furnaces. With wood fuel inexpensive, readily available and easy to store outside, wood stoves are an efficient way to warm any room.

Best of all, next generation  Blue Sky wood stoves burn less wood, burn most of the ashes, produces far less emissions and require a whole lot fewer trips to the wood pile or broom closet and some even start EASILY! Some wood burning heaters actually have Automatic Combustion Control (A.C.C.). Quadra-Fire has this patented heat management system that provides maximum air for easy lighting and controls air as the stove burns to maximize burn times. So, there’s less manual adjustments needed to get the most heat out of the least amount of wood.

The Quadra –Fire has been the #1 rated woodstove regarding efficiency for 17 or more years. Their woodies feature Quad Burn Technology…4 fires going on in the stove simultaneously. This provides primary air for the coal bed, draws air down over the glass to keep it clear, re-introduces air at the top baffle system that burns emissive gases then burns the 4th time just above the baffle to finish the job.

Trade in the old woody and be amazed at the difference.

New Clean Burning Wood Stoves and Inserts in Maryland

Ace Hardware & Hearth (Glen Burnie and Pasadena) and Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater carry Electric FireplacesPellet StovesWood Burning Stoves, and Gas Fireplaces and Stoves from the industry’s top manufacturers. Best of all, here at Ace Hardware & Hearth, we install what we sell, ensuring proper installation and venting. We use our own technicians and installers who understand the importance of delivering legendary Ace service.

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