Inserts for Your Fireplace or Stove

Show Home InteriorSitting by the fire with your family and a cup of cocoa in the cold wintery months is one of the most relaxing things you can do. For many it brings back memories of childhood and holidays. Though the fireplace can make you feel happy and cozy, it can also be wasting a good deal of money and not keeping your home as warm as you would like.

Wood burning metal as well as masonry fireplaces can allow as much as 75% of the heat produced to go straight up and out your chimney. All the money you’ve spent on seasoned wood to keep your home feeling warm and cozy could be going up in smoke – literally. This is because the damper has to be all the way open, allowing for all of the heat from your seasoned wood to go right out the chimney. The best solutions to this problem are the three following types of inserts.

Inserts don’t work the same way as gas logs. Instead, they slide into the opening of the fireplace and minimize the cold air that comes down the chimney when you’re not using your fireplace. Generally these inserts also have plain or decorative panels that will surround the opening of the firebox to give you aesthetic appeal to go with the new warmth that you’ve added to your home through the use of the inserts.

Inserts will allow you to save money, make your fireplace more useful, and give you a place to gather and enjoy the cozy warmth of a fire this winter. Keep your family unit together by spending time reconnecting at the hearth!

Ace Hardware has been selling and servicing hearth appliances since 1978 and has up to 30 units on display. When you’re ready to turn your fireplace into the warm, wonderful winter centerpiece that it promises to be, come visit Ace Hardware. We can help you find what best suits you and keep you warm this winter.

If you have any questions about Inserts for Your Fireplace or Stove, our experts are here to help. Please visit today! You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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