Heating with Pellet Stoves in Maryland

Maryland Pellet Stove DealerDuring the long, cold winter months, there are many ways you can work to save energy, but not many are more efficient than heating with pellet stoves. In fact, today’s pellet stoves — those rated at 60,000 BTU — are powerful enough to heat a 2,000 square foot home!

Choosing a Pellet Stove

In order to choose the right pellet stove for your Maryland home, many factors should be considered. If the space you need to heat is 1,300 square feet or less, a pellet stove rated at 42,000 BTU will do. If your space is closer to 2,000 square feet, a pellet stove rated at 60,000 BTU is in order. Another consideration is quality. There are many pellet stoves on the market today, so it is wise to do your research. Look for pellet stove manufacturers who have a history of building quality products. Once you have your manufacturer in mind, search for a reputable Maryland pellet stove dealer, like Ace Hardware & Hearth. A local dealer with experience will ensure that your pellet stove is installed safely, and will last for years to come.

Why Choose Pellet Stoves Over Wood Stoves?

Wood burning stoves may emit pollutants including nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and organic gases which may cause adverse health effects. Pellet stoves are clean-burning and do not have the same adverse health effects. In fact, according to the federal government, pellet stoves are the cleanest solid fuel residential heating appliance (source: energy.gov). Pellet stoves are also easy to operate. Instead of having to store logs in your yard, you can keep pellets neatly stored in a canister in your home or garage.

Where to Install Your Pellet Stove

The installation location of your pellet stove will depend on where you are looking to get best heat efficiency. It may also depend on aesthetics. Pellet stoves are a cozy addition to any room, and will quickly heat the space surrounding it. If you are looking to disburse the heat from your pellet stove, additional ways to circulate the heat generated such as blowers can be added. Pellet stoves are suitable for single family homes, town homes and condominiums.

Trust the Best in Pellet Stoves Sales and Installation

A certified professional like Ace Hardware & Hearth in Glen Burnie and Pasadena, and Ace Home & Leisure in Edgewater, Maryland can also help you choose the best appliance to heat your home. Visit us today to see working pellet stoves in action and to talk with a heating professional about your pellet stove needs.

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