Hummingbirds in Maryland

Hummingbirds – those tiny, beautiful little birds that buzz past your ear while gardening, momentarily make your heart jump as if it was a giant bee – are a welcome site (and even sound) to our backyards each summer. This little migrators fly thousands of miles each year to nest and raise babies each year … Read More

Fall Decorating Tips from Ace Hardware

The days are growing shorter and the weather is quickly cooling. This can only mean one thing; fall is officially here. It is time to put away those summer decorations and refresh the front of your home with a harvest theme that will carry into late November. Fall lends itself perfectly to visually appealing decorations. … Read More

Plants that attract Butterflies

There is no insect more majestic than the butterfly. There is also no insect that people enjoy more. So it is no wonder why many homeowners are doing everything they can to attract butterflies to their yards. How? Plants, that’s how. Butterflies and plants go together like peanut butter and jelly. “The Butterfly is a … Read More

Plant Fungus Cures and Prevention

Both experienced and novice gardeners are very aware on the problem of plant fungus. While some are completely harmless, others pose a real problem for vegetables, perennials, annuals, and even lawns. The primary culprit is, unfortunately, moisture. And because we do not live in the desert, there is no way to avoid this moisture, so … Read More

The Benefits of Native Plants in Maryland

Throughout our lives, we have been taught to remove Native Plants, opting instead for plants that are common in the nursery industry. These plants are chosen for several reasons, including functionality and aesthetic appeal. They are mass produced and distributed in almost the same way consumer goods are mass produced and distributed. As a result, … Read More

Grafted Tomato Benefits: An Age Old Technique for Better Tomatoes

When it comes to gardening, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel or, in this case, the tomato plant. Grafted Tomatoes have been around since the 1920s and are known for their superior taste and quality, increased production rates, ability to resist disease, and much more. Tomato grafting is the process of attaching the … Read More

Add Curb Appeal to Your Home with Japanese Maple Trees

Are you looking for the perfect way to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home this spring? Well, look no further. The answer is right in front of you. Well, it is in the picture to the right. Japanese Maple Trees (Acer palmatum). These beautiful trees can be the perfect accent piece for your yard. “Japanese … Read More

Deer Resistant and Rabbit Resistant Plants in Maryland

Nothing is more frustrating for the do-it-yourself home gardener than waking up in the morning and finding your garden torn to pieces. The culprits: deer and rabbits. While these creatures may be fun to watch in the wild, they can wreak havoc on your home garden, the same garden that took you hours upon hours … Read More

Maryland Gardening Tips: Control Deer with Bobbex Deer Repellent

The white-tailed deer is prolific in the mid-Atlantic area because their natural habitat has been greatly reduced by urban sprawl. The competition for food is intense and the deer are now very comfortable coming into populated areas and foraging. As you can imagine, deer have become a thorn in the side of Maryland gardeners in … Read More


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