It’s Bird Migration Season!

Indigo Bunting spotting in Carroll County, MD, April 2014
Indigo Bunting spotted in Carroll County, MD, April 2014

Spring has sprung, which means it’s migration season in the bird world! During the migration season, birds in our area travel the Atlantic flyway between wintering and breeding grounds. Bird watchers can expect to see species they normally don’t see, such as this Indigo Bunting spotted in Carroll County, Maryland in late April. What a beauty! Other birds that you may see at this time of year include hummingbirds, orioles, warblers, owls and even bald eagles.

There are different types of migratory birds – those that migrate short distances, those that migrate medium distances, and those that migrate long distances such as from Canada to Mexico or further! Migration is necessary for some birds, but is also a hazardous journey. Physical stress, lack of food and man-made threats such as tall buildings mean that not all of the birds that migrate will make it. Efforts are being made in cities nationwide to help decrease the man-made threat to migratory birds. Birds traveling through city areas become disoriented by lights that are left on in tall buildings, and strike the windows while flying. Lights Out Baltimore tirelessly works to try and convince property managers to turn off these lights. Not only does it help birds, it has the added benefit of saving energy, too. Learn more about this organization on their Facebook page at:  Learn more about migration on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology website at:

How to Attract (and Help!) Migratory Birds

Migrating birds fly hundreds – even thousands – of miles on their route to spring and summer breeding. Needless to say, all of that wing-flapping requires fuel! To help attract a variety of birds to your yard (and help them on their long journey), offer a variety of high quality bird food. Also try a variety of feeder types, and locate them in different spots in your yard. Some birds will venture out into the open to feed, while others are more comfortable sticking close to trees and shrubs. A nearby water source such as a bird bath or fountain is also helpful. Your local Ace Hardware & Hearth stores in Pasadena and Glen Burnie, Maryland, as well as Ace Home & Leisure in Annapolis / Edgewater, Maryland have a wide variety of exclusive quality bird food blends, bird feeders, bird houses, nesting materials and everything you need to keep those beautiful birds coming to your yard.

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