Birding Tips: Birdbaths attract more Birds than just Birdseed alone

Birdbaths attract more Birds than just Birdseed aloneThe weather may be cooling and birds may soon begin to migrate south for the winter, but that doesn’t mean birding season is over. Migrating birds land in yards to rest, bath, fluff their feathers for added warmth and eat a healthy meal, giving homeowners the perfect opportunity to attract many different varieties of birds. However, if you want to successfully attract birds to your yard, you need to supply all of the above criteria, not just birdseed.

Birdbaths attract more Birds than just Birdseed alone

Birds need water for drinking and bathing just as much as they need food. For this reason, it is important to offer both feeders and birdbaths. This will give you the best chance to attract birds to your yard this autumn.

Birdbath Tips

  1. Birds seem to prefer birdbaths that are on ground level, though elevated birdbaths will also attract birds.
  2. Be sure to change the water every day to keep it fresh and clean.
  3. When the weather begins to near freezing, a birdbath heater will keep ice from forming.
  4. Multiple birdbaths are better than one. This gives smaller, more timid birds a fair chance when the big birds hoard the bird bath.

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