End Muscle Pain With the Hot Tub, Spa Dealer Severna Park

Even the most active among us experiences aches and pains after a rigorous workout. Rest and relaxation helps, but nothing zaps away pain like a dip in the spa. Here’s how to beat Post Workout Muscle Soreness with a relaxing few minutes in the hot tub. Reduce Lactic Acid Lactic acid is the culprit behind … Read More

Soak in a Portable Spa for the Holidays – Hot Tub Dealer Severna Park

“People looking for a new way to relax and enjoy the holidays this season can find relief in a portable spa. Having a hot tub available gives everyone a place to relax,” said Doug Cashmere, owner of Ace Hardware & Hearth. Here are three ways people can celebrate and soak using a portable spa for … Read More


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