Arthritis Relief In the Spa, Hot Tubs Pasadena, Lake Shore

For people suffering with arthritis, relief is tough to find. Luckily, aquatic exercise has shown some promise. With heat and massage, movement in water decreases pain and increases flexibility. Here’s some news about arthritis relief in the hot tub. Reduce Pressure on Joints A hot tub filled with water cushions damaged joints, reducing pressure and … Read More

3 Tips for Self Improvement – Hot Tubs Lake Shore, Pasadena

“There are many reasons for people to improve themselves on a daily basis, it’s a life-long process that encourages better physical and mental health. Here are three tips for fun self-improvement,” said Doug Cashmere, owner of Ace Hardware & Hearth. Make a Healthy Home – Having a comfortable, stress-free home is important, and adding a … Read More


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