Reduce swelling through hot tub soaking

FOUR WAYS HOT-WATER IMMERSION IMPROVES HEALING PART II CAN HOT-WATER SOAKING REDUCE SWELLING? Absolutely! Painful swelling often accompanies injury, joint pain and muscle trauma. Many new hot tub owners extol the values of their new portable hot tub’s healing benefits through reducing pressure on inflamed joints, swollen feet and legs. HOW DOES THIS WORK? When … Read More

Healing pain through hot water immersion

FOUR WAYS HOT-WATER IMMERSION IMPROVES HEALING PART I March 22, 2015 Does immersion increase circulation? Yes. Like exercise, warm water soaking heats up muscles thereby increasing blood flow to those muscles. That’s why warm water immersion, such as that provided in a portable hot tub or therapy spa, is frequently the preferred method of therapy … Read More


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